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When you arrive for your first appointment, Dr. Kathy will evaluate and examine every aspect of your oral health, including your teeth, gum tissue, supporting structures, bite arrangement, and jaw. At this time, your mouth will be screened for oral cancer and a complete set of x-rays and intraoral photos will be taken. These are critical to designing the most healthful and effective course for treatment. If necessary, a model of your mouth may be made in order to obtain more information for a diagnosis. Dr. Kathy and staff will gather information about your previous dental experiences, oral health needs, and oral health concerns.

Your Consultation

After Dr. Kathy has thoroughly studied your x-rays, medical and oral health history, and photos, she will provide you with an outline of your evaluation and a treatment plan that addresses your chief concerns, immediate needs, and long term objectives. Dr. Kathy understands the need for longevity in oral health, which means your treatment will consist of long-term solutions.

At this time, you will be given an approximate cost of treatment. If you ever have questions about a procedure or fee, please speak with any office staff member. We believe that successful treatment is based not only in mutual understanding and respect but also effective communication.

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